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Tartufi Fortunati Alfonso

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Fragrance, Excellence, Pureness

Far-removed from the rules of industrial mass production, we concentrate on our products with care and passion, which are the feather in our cap.

For over 40 years, the delicate hands of our team of workers have been carefully selecting each individual truffle with the same passion our founder was able to instil into each of his employees, to offer every-day products which blend the land and our artisan traditions and skills in perfect harmony.

Company Profile

Our company, Tartufi Alfonso Fortunati, represents one of the major enterprises in Umbria in the processing and sale of fresh, preserved and frozen truffles, condiments, sauces and agricultural products. It started in 1972 thanks to the intuition and passion for the surrounding area of its founder, Alfonso, and with the precious support of his wife, Annunziata.

The company is situated in Campello sul Clitunno in the heart of Umbria, an area of artistic beauty and outstanding landscape, and a privileged environment for the harvest of the precious Black Truffle. For over forty years, Tartufi Alfonso Fortunati has successfully followed every stage of processing and distribution to enhance and diffuse the culture of this sophisticated product. A superior quality food chain which combines state-of-the-art technology and strong, solid family tradition, handed down from one generation to the next.

Fortunati Alfonso makes use of expert and nature-loving quarrymen who seek truffles in the area they belong to and guarantee those who request them 100% Italian origin. A rigorous supply chain in which a solid family tradition has been able to combine, in a unique alchemy, the high technology and manual skills of highly trained and motivated operators. Every single truffle is checked, gently cleaned and washed with care, moreover all the ingredients used in the preparations are carefully selected and checked by the experts.

In 2016 Fortunati Alfonso obtained the BRC and IFS certifications which guarantee the consumer an additional guarantee on hygiene and traceability to guarantee the highest quality standards while respecting tradition.

Fortunati Alfonso has chosen to maintain an artisan imprint. Far from the mass production rules of the industry, it focuses mainly on products with care and passion in perfect harmony between the territory, traditions and craftsmanship.

Over the years the company has established itself above all on foreign markets thanks to an important strength: quality.


The truffle is the rarest, most precious fruit of the earth. The diamond of the kitchen since ancient times thanks to its extraordinary organoleptic qualities, it is a hypogeous fungus in the form of a tuber (Tuber genus, Tuberaceae family) and grows naturally near the roots of trees, such as the oak, hazelnut, hornbeam and durmast, with which it establishes a symbiotic relationship.

It consists of a fleshy interior, known as the gleba, surrounded by a cortical layer called the peridio or skin. It contains a high percentage of water, fibre and mineral salts, which it absorbs from the earth via the roots of the host plant. The hunt for truffles is an ancient art which follows the rhythms of nature. A truffle hunter is always accompanied by a dog trained to look for truffles and this training takes about four or five years. Any type of dog can be potentially suitable, even though the only breed recognised for its ability to find the truffle is the Lagotto Romagnolo. The hunter must have an ID card which authorises him to search in certain areas. He must show respect for the natural environment and other people’s property.

When the truffle reaches the correct point of maturity, it releases its characteristic scent. This is the moment the dog manages to detect it. Once the area has been identified, the hunter uses a special “trowel” to unearth the fruit. After harvesting, he replaces the clods of earth he has removed, which is essential for the tuber to form new little roots and to grow once again in the same places. Every truffle has its own particular fragrance, generated by an incredible mixture of substances, which becomes increasingly intense as it ripens.

We offer all kind of products that contain truffles: fresh, preserved and frozen truffles, condiments, sauces.