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Maestri Artigiani Italiani

For over 40 years, a story of passion

For artisans time does not count, only the realization of our products. We aim to enhance the Italian products, greatly appreciated in the world. We do not exploit the labor of the small or bigger companies, only our dedication to work.

Maestri Artigiani Italiani is about all the Italian products. But love, passion for coffee and Italian pride, these are the ingredients that gave birth to a truly unique product, our main corporate brand: Caffè Europa.

Company Profile

Maestri Artigiani Italiani srl was born in 1976 as a small artisan coffee roasting.

The Caffè Europa brand, registered throughout Europe, China, the USA and Canada, focuses on tradition, strongly artisan roots and the continuous search for the best raw materials. The selection of excellent raw materials, the very slow roasting, the forced air cooling without adding humidity, the high information standards of composition and traceability of the product satisfy the daily taste of consumers.

Within the Caffè Europa product portfolio, the company presents a unique product, the first Italian organic, vegan and gluten free coffee. The raw material comes from high altitude crops without the use of any chemical additive and without the exploitation of any animal, and is left to dry in special spaces without contamination of wheat or cereals.

As a novelty of 2019, the company also offers the ancient wood roasting. Wood-fired roasted coffee respects all the values ​​and ancient traditions handed down from generation to generation by the master craftsmen of the past: the intense flavor of coffee is enriched by the aromas and scents of the wood.

The artisan spirit and the need to expand and differentiate the markets and distribution channels have pushed Italian Artisan Masters to focus on a wider range of products (pasta, biscuits, chocolate, condiments) characterized by the authentic flavors of tradition and territory. Other brands were born: Maestri Artigiani, Speciale Italia, Antica Confiseria Perugia, Antico Casato and Terre d’Orvieto, specialized in recurring gastronomic gifts.

Today Italian Master Craftsmen works both through the classic Ho.Re.Ca. distribution channels. and MMR, both through direct B2C sales to the final consumer as a small part of the turnover. The main reference markets, after Italy, are the USA and Canada.

In October 2019, Daniele Zaganella, majority shareholder and legal representative of the company, received the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement for professional merits, thanks to the promotion of the values ​​of Italian food and wine culture.



Caffè Europa was born in 1976 in the green heart of Italy. Its unique brand is registered throughout the EU and gives us the strength to aspire to the largest international markets.

That’s why we always accept new challenges, keeping in mind the values ​​that are in our hearts and that have always distinguished us thanks to the satisfaction and pleasure of our consumer while drinking their coffee.


Grown in the high mountains it is a complete coffee with a sweet and intense aroma. Its low caffeine content allows it to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

The artisan roasting guarantees optimal freshness and quality. 100% pure organic coffee, grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
The added value of the organic product is both personal, related to health and well-being, and environmental.

From this point of view, organic coffee is a guarantee of respect for the environment in the production areas and limitation of the use of potentially harmful chemical compounds.


With the Antica Confiseria Perugia product line we provide customers with the best products of our lands with original strictly handmade compositions.

Each gift box is designed to give our customers the opportunity to give loved ones products of excellent taste suitable for any type of celebration.


With Speciale Italia we want to take our customers on a unique journey through the tastes and traditions of Italian flavors.

We have selected the best products of the culinary culture of our country to improve the ancient recipes carefully prepared by our chefs while keeping intact the past values ​​of the past.


The enhancement and promotion of typical products is at the center of a local development strategy which also includes the cultural safeguarding of production traditions.

The development of the typical products, especially of Orvieto’s food and wine products, is linked to the growing attention of consumers, the quality of food products and the desire to re-evaluate and pass on local traditions.

Maestri Artigiani Italiani

Caffè Europa