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Umbria-ISRAEL 2022



Premium Manufacture Companies located in Umbria, Italy.
What do we have in common? Best quality, Made in Italy products, long expertise, ancient traditions and a great love for the Food & Beverage world.

The secrets of the Master Italian Pasta makers.
A passion for Coffee from the hearth of Italy.
Where nature gives its best: pulses, cereals and much more.
The diamond of the kitchen: the Truffle and related products.
Our vision: to promote Extravirgin Olive Oil culture.


Everchanging, untouched landscapes in the green of winding valleys make Umbria an Italian region that will never fail to amaze.

This region comprises mainly hills, mountains, hollows and plains and extends along the Tiber’s central basin.

Set like a gem in the heart of Italy, Umbria is perfect for those who love nature and want to discover its woods, castles and sanctuaries.

Umbria will satisfy all five senses by way of nature, taste, history and traditions.

In Umbria there are strong traditions in handicraft and manufacture areas:

– food and beverage as olive oil, coffee, pasta, truffles and truffle-based products, legumes and lentils, wine and bier and many other local products

– old crafts of ceramics, glass and wood
– fashion and accessories such as jewelry, bags and cashmere clothing
– luxury furniture and home decor accessories
– machinery for both industry and agricolture use.


The project wants to help the Internationalization process of the Food & Beverage Umbrian Companies through the access to the Israelian market.

Umbria has a strong heritage of artisanal production and sale of high quality typical food products. The Israel market is of great interest thanks to its relative geographical proximity and a high corporate culture. Many Italian food products are already known in Israel: pasta, olive oil, sweets, coffee, sauces, breakfast products and much more.

To connect Umbrian operators with Israelian operators, a Business Mission will take place. The organizers are going to identify:
– in Umbria, potential suppliers, companies with a great propensity to export and with consolidated experience in both large and small-scale distribution;
– in Israel, potential buyers, companies with their own distribution channel and interested in purchasing Made in Italy products.

Umbrian companies will travel to Israel to meet local counterparts in order to establish first relationships and evaluate the possibilities for collaboration.
The project is part of the Catalog of Export Promotion Projects for SME Companies of the Umbria Region.



CNA Umbria

We are partner of the Companies in the creation of value. Our organization guarantees union representatives, integrated services, personalized consultancy and innovative solutions to its over 8000 members, through 18 local offices and 200 employees. In the CNA Umbria Group, Promexport Umbria srl is the branch responsible for Internationalization and Marketing.


Game On Group

An International company with head offices in Israel and branches in Hong Kong, USA and China, that manages E-Commerce projects and it is engaged in Worldwide Trade, Manufacturing, Imports and Exports of goods around the world. Mr Chen Saban is the CEO and founder of the Group.


POR FESR 2014-2020

Realizzazione di Missioni Imprenditoriali all’estero e di incoming in favore delle PMI umbre progettate da soggetti attuatori qualificati. AttivitĂ  incluse nel catalogo regionale 2019-2020.
Realization of Business Missions abroad and incoming in favor of Umbrian SMEs designed by qualified implementing subjects. Activities included in the 2019-2020 regional catalog.