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Antico Pastificio Umbro


Pasta. As it was made in the past.

An artisan pasta factory. The best of our tradition and history. The best of a unique territory.

In our eighty-five different types of pasta there is the whole history of a special place, Umbria, historically suited to the production of pasta. All our work aims to protect and enhance this wealth of knowledge and techniques, in an attempt to leave intact that quality that has decreed our success in all these years.

Company Profile

The Antico Pastificio Umbro company stands at the foot of Mount Subasio, between Assisi, Perugia and Spoleto. The production is inspired by the tradition of the ancient Umbrian pasta makers already active at the beginning of the century.

The Faccendini family has always operated in the agricultural world; the natural evolution of this agricultural vocation has been the production of dry pasta, first in a small laboratory and then since the beginning of the 90s in the current plant, expanded in 2003. In addition to the traditional activity carried out by the company, in 1999 , the production of ready risotto and spices, an activity that in 2005 also led to the production of flavored couscous ready for cooking.

The company’s operations are carried out entirely in the Foligno production site, an area of ​​approximately 900 square meters where two production lines are located, one for pasta and one for ready meals and spices. In 2011, a restructuring was carried out with the aim of improving the functional characteristics of the production site and reducing energy losses to a minimum, thus proceeding with interventions for insulation and modernization of the entire structure where production and packaging take place. Furthermore, PLC control of the static drying phase was introduced, as well as the introduction of a shaker for the pre-wrapping process of the product. All this has led to the obtainment of ISO 9001: 2008, IFS and BRC certifications.

The distinctive style and refinement of the image of the Antico Pastificio Umbro products stem from the need to present the customer with a product that has its roots in the most genuine tradition of the highest quality Italian pasta. The production of pasta is aimed at a market very attentive to the quality and authenticity of the artisan product, in search of the taste of homemade pasta dishes on the shelf of its trusted shopkeeper.

These characteristics of great quality, craftsmanship and tradition, applied to a typical food product, pasta, have allowed Antico Pastificio Umbro to turn to international markets, on which it works continuously with a view to constant growth.


Many products are made or packaged at the production site: durum wheat semolina pasta, egg durum wheat semolina pasta, durum wheat semolina pasta with the addition of vegetables and spices, rice mixed with vegetables and spices, packaging of spices and spice blends, packaging of dried legumes, couscous mixed with vegetables and spices, marketing of own-brand food products.

The processing is still very tied to tradition: bronze dies, wooden frames, skeins (nests) hand-made with the skill of the craftsman, slow drying and with low temperature. All this, combined with the water from the springs of the region, allows you to obtain a rough, porous pasta capable of capturing the seasoning.